11.12.23: DevDay


11.12.23: DevDay
Photo by charlesdeluvio / Unsplash

本周的主题当然应该是 DevDay。

Ben Thompson 在 The OpenAI Keynote 开头回顾了过去十年来科技产品发布会的迅速衰落,但怀旧情绪并不能把我们带回那个金光闪闪的年代。他把 Apple 的预录制视频当作反例,其内里并非 Tim Cook 缺少面对现场观众的勇气,而是时代不再会对小步快跑的迭代掌声。

Fast forward a decade and the tech keynote has diminished in importance and, in the case of Apple, disappeared completely, replaced by a pre-recorded marketing video. I want to be mad about it, but it makes sense: an iPhone introduction has been diminished not by Apple’s presentation, but rather Apple’s presentations reflect the reality that the most important questions around an iPhone are about marketing tactics. How do you segment the iPhone line? How do you price? What sort of brand affinity are you seeking to build? There, I just summarized the iPhone 15 introduction, and the reality that the smartphone era — The End of the Beginning — is over as far as strategic considerations are concerned. iOS and Android are a given, but what is next and yet unknown?
十年过去了,科技主题演讲的重要性已经减弱,就苹果而言,它完全消失了,取而代之的是预先录制的营销视频。我很想为此生气,但这是有道理的:iPhone 的介绍并没有因为苹果的演示而被削弱,而是苹果的演示反映了这样一个现实:围绕 iPhone 最重要的问题是关于营销策略的。你如何细分 iPhone 产品线?你们如何定价?您希望建立什么样的品牌亲和力?在那里,我刚刚总结了 iPhone 15 的介绍,以及就战略考虑而言智能手机时代——开始的结束——已经结束的现实。 iOS 和 Android 是既定的,但接下来会发生什么呢?

答案是异口同声的:当然是 AI,特别是 OpenAI。

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